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Currently developing first feature film with Les Films de Juillet.
Dramatic Comedy/ Feel good movie entitled Faites en une Fête  (  previously Bequille ).




Familia, directed by Sara Verhagen

Currently in post production of Familia, short film

written, directed and edited in Spain in five days, within Kino Soria



2011, 8.26mn short film, co written with Laurence Fauvet, co-directed with Yannick Privat.   


Lead, with Marius Colucci & Silvie Laguna.

Awards/ Recognitions, so far:

-BEST SHORT Film Award at the International Comedy Alpe d'Huez Festival; 1st PRIZE by AUDIENCE & SPECIAL MENTION BY JURY at Les Toutes Premieres Fois Film Festival, Grasse

-Paris Petits Courts Devant Festival AWARD; "TOP PICK" citation at Short Film Corner in Cannes; BEST FEMALE PERFORMER AWARD for Sara Verhagen at the Seinema Film Festival; BEST FEMALE PERFORMER Nomination for Sara Verhagen at Clare Valley Independant Film Festival in Australia; JURY AWARD at the Court Toujours festival, Vauréal

Some other Festivals so far:

Official Selection at the JUST FOR LAUGHS Film Festival in Montreal; PALM SPRINGS Film Festival; ATLANTA Film Festival; MEUDON Comedy Film Festival; SHNIT Festival (Bern - Cape Town - Köln - Wien - Singapore - San Jose), and many more...

Selection Officielle au Festival JUSTE POUR RIRE à Montreal; Festival SHORTFEST PALM SPRINGS; Festival du Film d'ATLANTA; Festival de Comédie de MEUDON; Festival SHNIT (Bern - Cape Town - Köln - Wien - Singapore - San Jose) - FREJUS Film Festival, Festival Tomatrope, Festival ARMORICOURT, Festival MAMERS EN MARS, 11th European Cinema Encounters of Vannes, PETALUMA Film Festival, LES TOILES DU COURT, Le Festival NOUVEAUX CINEMAS, 24th International Cinema Encounters of BEAUREPAIRE, 24 COURTS" DU MANSECU, The European Independant Film Festival, INCONNU Festival, Clare Valley Independant Film Festival in Australia, Seinema Festival de Triel sur Seine, Festival COURTS DES ILES, in Tahiti Côté Courts Festival of Cormeilles en Parisis, Court Toujours festival at the Forum de Vauréal  (Jury Award), Courtivore à Rouen et Mont-Saint-Aignan, En competition pour le Prix des Collégiens au Ptit Clap Festival, SIF Festival in Greece. Screened at Elysées Biarritz for the JOUR LE PLUS COURT, screening of female heroes,Screened at the Rencontres Kinoma , at Saint Barthélemy d’Anjou during the Short Film, at Les petites histoires d'eux, at the Péniche Cinéma in Paris, at the Manufactories Festival, in Martinique, La Seyne sur Mer by The ligue for education, at Le Ciré Jaune in Paris, at Dépucèle mon film, par Bayonne Arrive, at Remue-Métrages, Paris, as part of a Carte Blanche EROÏN in Nice, for the Journée de la Femme at the Raymond Kabbaz theatre in Los Angeles, Various EROÏN screenings and Carte Blanches

 Watch Dog Sitting: 

Awards/ Recognitions, so far:

BEST COMEDY at the Lilliputian Film Festival; BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at the London Shows Film Festival; AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at the IndieFEST Film Awards; TOP PICK CITATION at the Short Film Corner in Cannes; BEST WORLD SHORT at the Conway Film Festival; SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE SCREENPLAY at the Roma CinemaDoc Festival; REMI AWARD at the Houston WorldFest; KUDOS FOR DRAMA at the iHolly Film Festival

Some other Festivals so far

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, US; DC Independent Film Festival in Washington; Albuquerque Film Festival & Comic Con; Festival de L’Alpe d’Huez; Paris Courts Devant, Julien Dubuque Film Festival....


15 min short film. First screening planned in march 2015.


Co-written with John M. Keller, co-produced by My Wonderful People & Les Machineurs

 Watch Mi Casa, Su Casa

-Staging and directing of the actors for a corporate spot Spot for the SNCF. Produced by Gang Films.

Même Nue, (Asking for it)

Directed on the occasion of the Mobile Film Festival, Theme: "Women's Empowerment"

1 min. 1 Mobile. 1 Film

Written, directed and produced by Sara Verhagen

With Jade Phan-Gia, Martin Pautard, Pol White, Sara Verhagen, Guillaume Bursztyn and Violaine Kahl

According to a recent survey, 20% of French people think that " If a woman's nipples can be seen under her clothes, it should constitute a mitigating circumstance for her attacker, in a case of sexual assault". Others are more "moderate". They simply ask what the victim was wearing when she got sexually assaulted and they believe a woman shouldn't walk alone at night.

Watch Même nue (Asking for it)
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