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Lead role, also with Paul Bandey, Silvie Laguna, Pierre Zeni, Johann Dionnet, Rose Romain, Erik Bailey...


15 min short film. First screening planned in march 2015.


Co-written with John M. Keller, co-produced by My Wonderful People & Les Machineurs


Awards/ Recognitions, so far:

BEST COMEDY at the Lilliputian Film Festival; BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTRESS at the London Shows Film Festival; AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at the IndieFEST Film Awards; TOP PICK CITATION at the Short Film Corner in Cannes; BEST WORLD SHORT at the Conway Film Festival; SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE SCREENPLAY at the Roma CinemaDoc Festival; REMI AWARD at the Houston WorldFest; KUDOS FOR DRAMA at the iHolly Film Festival

Some other Festivals so far

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, US; DC Independent Film Festival in Washington; Albuquerque Film Festival & Comic Con; Festival de L’Alpe d’Huez; Paris Courts Devant, Julien Dubuque Film Festival....

 Watch Mi Casa, Su Casa
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